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it’s all about promoting Konkani Music for all Konkani Music Lovers who are living abroad or out of Goa.  This Website is intended to reach to all Goans all over the world who cannot listen to our mother tongue music.

4Lobos has created this Konkani Radio Station for your listening pleasure and to keep the language alive! 4 Lobos has also created a 4Lobos Goa Radio which will have no Ad’s and it works in Countries Geo-blocked by Radionomy.

To keep the music going 4Lobos has also created an English and Hindi Bollywood Music Radio Stations. The English Music are  Oldies & Pop mostly from 60’s , 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and the Hindi music are all the latest Bollywood music.  As time permits and when I will also add Old Hindi Bollywood music for your listening pleasure.

The links to listen to the music can be found on this site on the tab 4Lobos Radio Stations!!!!!!



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