4Lobos Konkani Radio Station

4Lobos Konkani Radio Station:  Use this link to listen to 4Lobos Konkani Radio Station. This Station Plays Konkani Music for all Konkani Music Lovers.  In some countries it is Geo-blocked and you can hear the message that ” This Station is not available in your country”

You Can also Click on the play button (below)to listen to it:

If you hear the message that it is not available in your country means it is Geo-blocked by Radionomy.Please wait until they lift the block to listen to this station.

You can also listen to direct streams in countries which are not geo-blocked on this link : 4lobos Konkani Radio Station direct streams

You can now listen from your BlackBerry,Android and iPhone devices just click the below buttons & install the app on your smart phones:
For BlackBerry phones: nobex-for-bb_button.png

For Android phones: Get it on Google Play

For Iphones: